Before the Kalakeya Invasion, before 'The Beginning', a hero was born in mashimati. A prince who wanted the best for his people but faced treachery and betrayal from all sides. these are the lost legends of Baahubali.

Centuries ago the powerful and peaceful kingdom of Mahishmati was ruled by king mahadev in an golden era of peace. then the king and queen died.

King mahadev's elder brother, Bijjaladeva, resented his younger brother for becoming king and dreamt of seizing the throne for himself. Now he has set his eyes on his son Bhallaladeva, inherting the throne.

To prevent the kingdom from descending into chao after king Mahadev's death, bijjaladeva's wife, the queen mother Sivagami, took responsibility over the kingdom and adopted his infant son Amarendra as her own.

With help from Katappa, the royal bodyguard and master-at-arms, sivagami ruled mahishmati keeping the throne free to be inherited by her son bhallaladeva or mahadev's son, amarendra baahubali.

bhallaladeva, sivagami and bijjaladeva's son, now grows up in constant competition with his adopted brother baahubali for the throne of mahishmati.

amarendra baahubali, a young warrior, now trains with his brother bhallaladeva waiting to be found worthy of the throne of mahishmati by sivagmi.

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